Radiant Simplicity Inflatable Hot Tub

You probably have been looking for a convenient affordable way to relax after spending long hours in the office. Well, you needn’t go any further. The Radiant Saunas BP5760 Simplicity Inflatable Spa is an ideal problem solver in as far as stress relieving, boosting relaxation, and accentuating the mood of a party. This spa, presents you with a plethora of features which make the checking price tag the least of your worries, literally.

The Radiant Saunas BP5760 Simplicity Inflatable Spa is made using the latest technology. It was introduced in the market to afford people with limited space in their homes a cool way to relax. It is also ideal if you are not willing to rob a bank to build the traditional spa which is a bit pricey for most people.

Features of the Radiant Saunas BP5760
• It measures 65” on the outer diameter, 51” on the inner diameter and 27” in height. It can accommodate up to 150 gallons of water.
• It is designed to sit up to four people
• The material used to make the exterior of this portable spa is synthetic leather with double-lock stitched panels, which enhances its strength.
• A top cover whose material is polyester laminated PVC.
• It deflates and inflates in a few minutes.
• A modern control panel.
• Its weight is 22 Kgs while its shipping weight is 43 Kgs.
• The 1,200W thermostatically controlled system which comes with an infrawave heat technology makes the heating of the water incredibly fast. The top temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Accompanied by a one year warranty against poor materials and workmanship.
• 88 powerful air jets makes the all exclusive Integrated therapy (IBT) very lovable.

Comparison between Radiant Saunas BP5760 Simplicity Inflatable Spa and other inflatable hot tubs in the market
Number of people: This spa is designed to accommodate four adults. While this would mean that a good chatting time for you and friends, it is not as spacious as what some of the competition offers. Still, it is an ideal solution if you are looking for a way to accentuate your romantic life. With more than enough room for two, this Radiant Saunas model will set the tone for many intimate moments.

Material used: This inflatable spa is made out of synthetic leather material whose strength has been enhanced using double-lock stitch panels on the exterior. Moreover, the spa is made puncture resistant by use of a cross-laminated 3 layer PVC tub which features Dura-tech technology. This ensures that the spa can last many years. However, in order to enjoy using the spa for long, avoid placing it on uneven floors or grounds that have sharp objects.

The interior: The interior of this portable spa is designed to give you an exotic experience. While at it, the color used for the interior materials matches the exterior one. You will have a comfortable stay inside the spa as the material is soft and padded. The spa also has anti-skid padded seats which is not that common in competing models.

The heating: The spa uses 1200w to heat the water. This is quite an effective way of heating the water. However, you will notice quite a hike in the power bills if you leave the spa outside in cold season. The heating system is otherwise very effective.

Reasons why you should buy the Radiant Saunas BP5760 Simplicity Inflatable Spa
Portability: As the name suggests, this is a spa that is supposed to be easy to carry. Well, you are a winner with this portable spa. Compared to the conventional spas which are affixed to the floor and never meant to be moved, this spa is easily transported from one end of your home to the other. If you were to compare it with the other portable spas, it comes away as one of the lighter models at only 22 kgs. You can comfortably carry it in the trunk of your car and set it up at a friend’s party or in your log cabin weekend getaway.

Durability: The materials used to make this inflatable spa are of high quality. The interior, while soft to the touch, is hardy enough to resist any wear following lengthy hours of regular use. The exterior is made of synthetic leather material and strengthened using double-lock stitch panels. Moreover, if the 3 layer PVC tub exterior is pierced, you can easily repair it yourself.

Price: The spa costs CDN$984. While this is above many spas in the class, the spa is definitely a class superior if you consider the many high-end features which it boasts of. Compared to the traditional spa though, the price of this portable is a mere fraction of the traditional one. The benefits that you will enjoy using this portable spa way outshine the price tag that it prominently features.

Health benefits: There are numerous benefits that come with the use of this portable spa. If you are from work tired and looking for relaxed evening, this is the spa to give you all that. Moreover, knowing that you have a relaxing spa awaiting you at home helps in setting you in the right mood.

Space utilization: The Radiant Saunas BP5760 Simplicity Inflatable Spa measures 65 inches in diameter and 27 inches in height. This makes it smaller than many in the category which claim to host 4 adults. The space that this spa uses when inflated is small. Further, its hardy material means you can place it indoors or outdoors. You can also compactly pack the spa in its carry bag when done to store it safely.

The Radiant Saunas spa would definitely carry the day if you were to put it alongside the traditional spa with limited space in your home. With its right pricing, utilization of space, effectiveness of the heating system and durability, this spa scores quite highly against competing portable spas in the same features category.