Pinnacle Spa Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub

Elevate your life to a whole new level today with a new portable inflatable spa. You can easily escape the turmoil of the day by simply immersing yourself in a BlueWave NP5767, Pinnacle Spa Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub. This spa, like many in the market, has been designed with great features and with the intention of giving every spa lover a chance to enjoy life as they wish to. The BlueWave NP5767 portable spa comes with numerous features that, previously, could only be enjoyed in the more expensive luxury-hotel spas. This makes it an ideal tool with which you can transform your home and life in general.

Features of the BlueWave NP5767 Pinnacle Spa Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub
• Its measurements are 70 x 55 x 25 inches when fully inflated. It can hold 190 gallons of water.
• It can comfortably accommodate four people.
• The exterior is made of high quality synthetic leather material with double-lock stitched panels for enhanced strength.
• The interior is made using soft comfortable material. The floor of the spa is made using soft durable PVC and is also padded for extra comfort and retention of heat.
• You require no tools to set up the spa. It only requires basic DIY skills plus of course some enthusiasm.
• Plugs into an 110V outlet and comes with a 12 feet long cord. This makes it easy to use both outdoors and indoors.
• Foldable and easy to carry especially because the manufacturer has included a rip-resistant nylon carry bag.
• The control panel is advanced and very easy to use.
• The spa has been approved under the cETLus US and Canada safety standards.
• An integrated self drainage system which comes in handy when you want to drain water.

The Features which make this spa stand out
It has an inbuilt bladder which helps in the retention of warmth way after you are done warming the spa water. This means you get to save on power because the water will remain warm for hours. If you are keen on saving on your monthly power bills or if you are operating on a string budget, this is the spa to go for.

The BlueWave has a shipping weight of 25 kgs. This, combined with the rip resistant nylon carry bag and its inflation and deflation speeds, makes it ideal for carrying around. You could be an invitee to a family or family party and with this spa with you, you will very easily become the new hero of the day. The weight together with the compatibility of the spa makes it highly portable.

It is made using Duratech Super Durable 3 layer cross laminated PVC Tub wall which is puncture resistant. This material is hard and can withstand long weeks outside without the danger of getting punctured. You should however ensure that the spa is on a flat smooth surface to reduce chances of puncturing.

Inflation and deflation takes a few minutes. When you go to a friend’s party and you want to make them love you and the occasion all the more, the quick inflation will come in handy. If on the other hand you are from work and you want to have a dip in the water before settling for the evening, this is a great feature which will make your evening comfy.

Reasons why you should go for the BlueWave NP5767 71 in spa
Portability: – This spa weighs a mere 25 kgs. Comparing this to the other portable spas, you will discover that this is ideal if you love carrying your water-comfort luxuries with you. This and the fact that a nylon easy-to-grab carry bag is included makes this one of the best user friendly portable spas around. Looking at this spa in light of the traditional spas which are affixed to the ground, you have to agree that this is one of the best spas you can get.

The material used: – Many portable spas are made of synthetic material which is designed to stand strong even when exposed to picky debris. However, not many spas are made using leather material whose strength is enhanced with a double-lock stitch.
Convenience: – It is easy to inflate this spa and also deflate it when you are done with it –many people use the spa water for weeks. The other convenient feature of the spa is that you can insert it in an 110V socket. Don’t forget that setting up process of the spa is intuitive and easy especially if you are looking forward to enjoying a hot spa luxury-hotel experience right in your home.

Durability: – The materials used to make this spa are tough and are guaranteed to last for a long time. Even if some damage was to befall the spa, you can easily repair it using a patch kit. Even though the spa won’t last as long as the traditional concrete one, it sure will last for a long time to make it worth its price tag.

It’s quite probable that you have not experienced the benefits of a portable spa. Well, given the numerous features which accompany the BlueWave NP5767 71 in. portable spa, you will agree that it will be a prudent thing to check it out. It’s currently retailing at CDN$1,078, and although this might seem a bit pricey, you stand to enjoy a myriad of benefits once you incorporate this amazing spa into your lifestyle. In fact, this could be the very reason your spouse will love you more because of the quiet romantic evenings you two will be spending inside it.

There are indeed many features which make this portable spa stand out. Homeowners who have limited space to install the traditional spa, will find the BlueWave NP5767 71 a good choice for guaranteed relaxation at home. The spa is also ideal if you are planning on a holiday; simply carry it along to create memories of the time spent away.