Jilong Prolong Inflatable Spa

In order to feel invigorated and truly relaxed, you should consider having the Jilong JL017330NN Spa, Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub in your home. You will love the unique experience of having a comfortable spa which warms water to the perfect temperature without drilling a hole in your wallet. This portable spa is unlike the traditional ones which take up plenty of space and which are unbending in as far as portability and convenience is concerned.
This inflatable spa is unique in that it presents you with a plethora of features, not only more than the traditional spas but also more than those found in many portable spas. It is an ideal addition to your home which will transform the way you relax and spend those fun family times. It brings that exotic hotel relaxing atmosphere right in to your home.

The Jilong JL017330NN Spa, Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub
• Measures 177.8 x 177.8 x 63.5 cm.
• Can comfortably accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. It is therefore perfect for a family.
• Has a digital control panel which is easy to use. The temperature of the water can be raised to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
• It has a 30 minute timer which ensures that the water remains at the preferred temperature.
• A cover which helps keeps debris outside. It is also ideal at ensuring that the safety of your kids is guaranteed.
• It has a bubbling soothing massage feature.
• It is round in shape and its interior is white while the exterior is black.
• It is accompanied by an air blower.
• It can accommodate 195 gallons and weighs 60lbs and 1560lbs when with water
• Its power usage is 110V and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
• It is backed by a 90-day warranty against poor workmanship and materials.

Besides being a reliable hot tub for you to submerge yourself in, here are some of the top reasons why you should have this spa in your home;

A great way to relax: – For many years, owning a spa has been a pipe dream for most people. Today, with this inflatable spa, you get an exceptional hydrotherapy to relax your body after a long day’s work. It heats the water to the desired temperature and retains this temperature until you are done.

It’s spacious: – A bathtub or a Jacuzzi is way too small to accommodate a family of four. However, with this portable spa, you can have as many as four people slide in; either two adults and two children or 3 adults for a cozy indulgence that allows reasonable personal space.

Easy to operate: – The control panel is user friendly. This makes it easy for you to regulate the temperature of the spa water to the best level you want. When it comes to installing the spa, the process is intuitive and easy. It will take you a few minutes to have it all set up. The only thing you should remember is to place the spa on a flat place to avoid puncturing.

Safety: – Your safety is guaranteed when you buy this portable spa. The 110V power connection and the ability to regulate the temperature when it tends to go beyond the desired level make it ideal. The cover – which is sold together with the spa – ensures that no debris get inside when you aren’t using it. This also helps keep kids safe.

Portability: – The portability of the Jilong JL017330NN Spa, Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub is something to take note of. It weighs just 26kgs and this makes it a lot lighter than most other portable spas. It can be set up anywhere and can be transported in your car’s trunk. You will have an easy time storing the spa after use because it comes with a carry bag into which you can fold it. This way, it takes up little space.

Price: – Price is the one factors that put off many in-built spa would-be buyers. When it comes to the Jilong spa, you realize that the price is incredibly favorable. Even when compared to other portable spas, this spa is competitively priced.

Extra points that make the Jilong a good buy
• The spa is designed to accommodate four people – two adults and two kids. This may not be what many people would like especially if they are planning a big party. Still, the spa is exceptionally good for one person and quite comfortable for two or three. Given its easy transformative powers, it will turn your house into a luxurious-hotel scenery, where the seemingly limited space just fades away.
• Most spas come with sitting pads which prevent you from skidding to the center of the pool. In the Jilong, the sitting pads are not present but the spa still has a considerable feel of comfort.

More often than not, the inflatable spas marketed today are well designed and built. While the features are great, the price can be anything but affordable. For Jilong, features such as heating, retention of temperature and practicability are amazing. Given the price tag of CDN$924, this spa is definitely among the best in the market.

The shape and design of the spa is unique and this serves to endear it more to the hearts of many buyers. Don’t forget the compatibility and the portability benefits which you get with the unit. You can store it in your store and you won’t notice the space that it has taken up. It takes minimal space during installation and this makes it ideal for homeowners who have little room to spare for a spa at home. Overall, the spa is worth its price. Consider making it the portable spa of choice when you finally make the decision to buy yourself one.