Aero-Spa Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub

With the increasing need to have a good life in spite of space limitations, many people are considering buying portable, inflatable spas. One of the best inflatable spas to consider is the Deluxe 4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub Spa. This spa is designed using the latest technology and offers you luxury-hotel experience. Besides holding water and giving you an elegant experience, here are some of the key features of the Deluxe 4 Person Hot Tub Spa:
• No tools are necessary to set up the spa. The setting up process is intuitive and easy.
• It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments and folds easily. It can be transported easily when you are traveling.
• It has a massaging bubble system with 130 powerful air jets.
• It can sit 4 adults comfortably.
• The exterior of the spa is made of hard synthetic leather with stitched panels which make it stronger.
• The interior is made using laminated 40 gauge PVC material which is both strong and soft to the touch.
• It connects to 110V socket and comes with a 12 feet cord which makes it possible to install the spa outdoors.
• The exterior diameter of the spa when inflated is 73 inches while the internal diameter is 55 inches.
• When installed, the spa can hold 211 gallons of water. All you need to fill it with water is your garden hose.
• It comes with a thermal cover which ensures that no debris get inside and which also serves as a safety measure.
• The control panel is easy to use. The spa also comes with a filter
• It has a weight of 32 kgs.

These features make Deluxe 4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub Spa Unique:
Price: – Comparing this spa with the other portable spas in the market, this one is competitively priced. You will only spend CDN$669 on a unit. When placed alongside traditional spas, it’s an outright winner because of the low price and the myriad of features it comes with.

Shape and design: – It is round with a converging top which makes it very unique. With the competing portable spas available in the market, you will find this spa very intriguing. The shape is also ideal because it eats up little space, something many buyers will appreciate.

Capacity: – The spa is large. In fact, compared to rival models, the 211 gallons is way more than the 170 gallons that most inflatable spas offer on average. The capacity to hold more water with enough room for four occupants is a great thing because you will have more legroom.

The material used: – The exterior of this portable spa has been made using synthetic leather which comes with double-lock stitch panels for greater strength. As for the internal part of the spa, strong 40 gauge PVC synthetic material has been used. The materials used in making this spa ensure that it serves you for a long time and survives even the harshest of conditions.

Portability: – At 32 kgs, you will agree that this spa is the perfect solution if you want a movable one. Moreover, if you are traveling to a friend’s or to a holiday destination, you can easily fit the spa in the car trunk. The accompanying carry bag makes carrying the spa very easy.

Practicability: – The scenery of your home keeps on changing because of changing needs or because of change of mind. If you had already installed a traditional spa, it might be impossible to change where it is now. With the Deluxe 4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub Spa, you can easily shift where it sits by just deflating and inflating and filling it with water. With the changing times, and in view of many practical aspects of your life, this spa perfectly fits in with your lifestyle.

Durability: – The materials used to make the spa are of the best possible quality. This means that even if the spa was exposed to a relatively sharp object, it has a good chance of making it through without suffering much damage. The exterior of the spa is made using puncture-resistant material. In case of a puncture, it is easy to repair the spa using the readily available patch kits in the local stores.

Space: – The space used up by the Deluxe 4 Person Inflatable spa is by all standards minimal. Unlike the traditional spa which takes up meters and meters of space, this spa takes up just the necessary space. This means that if you have a very small outdoor space, you can comfortably install it there. If you however don’t have space at all on the outside, you can use your garage to set up the spa and still have a grand splash time.

When compared against conventional spas, you will find that this spa takes up little space and offers as many great features as the conventional ones if not more at a fraction of the price. This spa takes up little floor or ground space. One can travel with it and even store it away when not in use, something you don’t enjoy in conventional spas.

On the other hand, when you compare this spa against other portable spas, you will notice quite a number of differences both to the advantage of and to the disadvantage of this spa. A key plus is with this spa are the materials used to make it. The other advantage is the ease with which you can install the spa besides boasting of a great shape and design. A minus can be lack of capacity to accommodate more people. Overall however, the spa gives you a lot of beneficial features which make its asking price worthwhile.