Aero-Spa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Revamp your home with an ingenious investment today in the name of an inflatable spa. Spas for many years have been seen as a preserve for people with large spaces to spare and deeper than average pockets. Well, today, you can own a spa at a fraction of the money that a traditional spa would cost you. One of the great spas to consider is the Aero-Spa 4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub. It comes with a loadful of features and benefits which makes it a worthwhile consideration when you visit the market for an exceptional portable hot water spa.

To help you make the right decision, here are its top features:
• The spa is large and can comfortably accommodate four adults. The sitting pads are comfortable and you can’t skid when relaxing inside the spa.
• It uses 110V and it comes with a 12 feet cord. This makes it easy to connect to the power source even when the spa is outdoors.
• It inflates within a few minutes. It also comes with a filtration pump and a heater blower.
• It is quite easy to install. No tools are required and it will only take you a couple of minutes to have it up and ready.
• When inflated, the spa is 34 inches high, 6 feet on the outside diameter and 9 inches thick.
• It is backed by a 3-month warranty
• It has an easy to use control panel and heats water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Reasons why you should buy the Aero-Spa 4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub Spa

Price: – This spa is very cheap compared to traditional permanent spas. Also, compared to the other inflatable spas in the market, you will come to love the CDN$499 price tag which it commands. You will also love the fact that there is no set up price involved.

Portability: – The ease of carrying a spa is yet to be accepted by many people who have not experienced the amazing benefits these spas come with. This spa is easy to carry around and you can practically set it up anywhere in your homestead. You can also surprise your family or friends by accentuating their party with a portable spa. You can carry it yourself and it is also easy to load in the car trunk.

Convenience: – We are in the age where everything is being designed and made to fit the lives and needs of customers. As for the Aero-Spa a4 Person Inflatable Portable Heated Hot Tub Spa, you will love the ease with which you can set it up and hook it to the power socket. There are no tools necessary to set the spa up and the manufacturer has made the whole process intuitive and easy.

Durability: – You don’t want a hot water inflatable spa that will serve you for just one summer. The conventional spas last for a long time because hardy materials have been used to make it. On the other hand, this spa is quite sturdy because the materials used make are resistant to sharp objects. Moreover, you can easily repair it in case it is pricked. You will just need a patch kit, basic DIY skills and some enthusiasm to enjoying a hot spa moment.

Usage of space: – Space is one of the resources that are getting limited by the day. With the introduction of this spa in the market, it is pretty easy for even a person with little space to install it. All you need is a flat place outdoors or even indoors to enjoy a splash time. It is also ideal when it comes to utilization of space because when you are done with it, you can deflate it, fold it away and store it in its carry bag. The storage space required is quite negligible.

Health benefits: – You could be suffering from aching joints which are cooled off by a simple dip in soothing, heated water. It has also been established by several studies that an evening dip in a spa or swimming pool after a long tiring day helps relax the muscles and get rid of substantial daily stress. The invention of this portable spa could not have come at a better time when most people’s lives need some stress relieving outlets.

Practicability: – It so happens that people change their minds with time. You could have a permanent spa installed at a certain spot in your home only for you to find that that wasn’t the best spot to have installed it. With the Aero-Spa Hot Tub Spa, you will never have regrets over where you’ve set it up because you can change its position and location with the changing times as need be.

Safety: – Your safety when in the spa is taken care of by the anti-scalding feature that the manufacturer has included. When the temperature rises to above the recommended level, the control panel regulates it downwards. For safety, the spa also has anti-skid sitting pads. The material used to make it is hardy hence making it safe to accommodate the weight of four adults.

This water spa is basic compared to the very many options in the market. Still, it is a great spa because of its incredible price and given the features it adorns, it is worth a bargain for anyone who wants to have a great time at their home. The only downside to this spa is probably the lack of features such as water falls, a ladder or raised seats for children, as seen in some high-end portable spa models. For the price tag it carries however, this portable spa is definitely among the best in the market.

The warranty accompanying this spa shows the commitment the manufacturer has to giving the buyer a high quality product. Unlike some portable spas, this one can be setup in your patio, garage or backyard quite easily. Its practical features and capacity to accommodate four adults makes it ideal for homeowners who have limited space for the installation of permanent spas but have great love for a dip in hot water.